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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tasty Tuesday: Snack Right

I have done a much better job of snacking healthy, fueling myself with good-for-me foods! When it’s hot I don’t want to eat a ton of food, so fruit is a favorite snack in the summer. Smoothies are great too if they don’t have a ton of ingredients in them! Here are some of my favorite summer snacks!

Walnuts & Raisins-I love the mixture of sweet and salty. Just don’t go overboard on these because raisins have a lot of sugar and carbs. Measure out a serving of each and mix it all up!

Medditerra savory bars-These are my new favorite protein bar. I love anything with olives, so this is perfect if you are craving something savory in the afternoon, which is what I tend to want.

GNC Total Lean Shake-With only 3 net carbs, this is my new favorite breakfast meal replacement. I hardly ever want much of anything in the morning, so drinking something is perfect for me. It can be a good snack drink anytime though! The chocolate is awesome. 

UnReal Peanut Butter Cups - I hesitate to say this because not much beats a Reese’s cup but these just might be better. I love the one with quinoa in it for that little extra crunch and the peanut butter seriously tastes so creamy inside. It’s only 11 net carbs too, so it’s a nice way to “cheat” and indulge. The ingredients are few and they are real. 

Living Raw Truffles - After dinner or around “that time” I need chocolate. These are fabulous. They are so rich so you can eat is slowly and enjoy each bite. 

Avocado, Sunflower Seeds & Agave Drizzle-I used to make these a lot and I need to get back into the habit! Just take half an avocado, pit removed. Fill the pit hole with sunflower seeds and lightly drizzle agave or honey across the avocado. 

Fruit Leather - You can make your own but the grocery store has plenty for just a few cents. It reminds me of eating a better for me fruit roll up!


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