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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I want to say that I am sorry for being MIA on here. Alison and I have both been busy and frankly (I can be honest here, right?), unmotivated. Coming up with original content amongst running a business and working at another job, plus life in general just sometimes gets overwhelming to do it all. It’s something I love, but lately I have been keeping up with a fitness and nutrition challenge at my local studio and creating new designs for some wonderful new brides. Those are just a few things. I know Alison has been busy with a lot of things too. While I hate using the “busy” excuse because it is so easy to throw around and everyone is of course busy with something, I truly have been busy. I am looking forward to this summer. New seasons bring new fresh breaths. Summer just has a connotation of fun and I’m hoping this next literal season is just nothing but fun. 


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