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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Workout Wear

Did you know it is just under 5 weeks until Memorial Day and 9 weeks until summer? Bikini season is so close! If you are hitting the gym or fitness studio like I am like crazy right now, feeling good about yourself when you are there is just as important as your end goal. I love having a fun workout mat that you are happy to roll out and a nice bag to pack everything into for your workout sessions…that way you want to use your gear! I have two Bkr bottles and switch them out every day when the other is being washed. Now that I am doing my best to get in 80 oz.+ of water a day, I need a good water bottle to get me through it! The trend of patterned workout leggings is awesome. I think it makes your workout even more fun when you have on some sassy fun pants and an inspirational tank to manifest your strength inside and out! Here are a few things from my workout wishlist:


Rio Leggings from Anthropologie | Namaste Tee from Anthropologie | Magic Carpet Yoga Mat from Anthropologie | Run Inspire Crop II from Lululemon | Runaway Retreat Duffel from Lululemon  | The Mat 3M from Lululemon | Love the Adventure Pants from Teeki | Rise In Love Tank from Be Love | 1 Ltr Bkr Lola Bottle from Bkr |

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