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Friday, April 3, 2015

First Friday: The Salvage Shop

This month I'm sharing a project (that I'm really excited about) spearheaded by one of our past First Friday artists, Beth Meadows. I mention in Beth's First Friday piece how invested she is in the community and the building of community for artists and creatives. This is just another example of the work Beth does here in Knoxville. 

There is no Q & A today as Beth is in the throngs of restoration and preparation. But, I do want to share their campaign and encourage you to invest in your community. 

The Knox Heritage Foundation is committed to preserving and restoring historic property and pieces here in Knoxville and the Salvage Program is another way Knox Heritage preserves. The Salvage Program takes, well, salvaged materials from local individuals and sells them to the public. In turn the Program sends funds back to Knox Heritage so it is able to continue with it's mission. This Salvage Program is the whole vision of the organization. Preserve. Restore. Transform. 

Recently Beth envisioned a new storefront that would allow for rentable space for artists and craftsmen. The space has been found in an area of Knoxville that is slowly being revitalized. As you can imagine the space needs a little bit of a facelift and encouragement. I've gotten to see the work progress over the last few months and Beth and other generous volunteers have worked tirelessly to bring this vision to fruition. I am so thankful to Beth for dreaming big and to Knox Heritage for allowing her to do so! 

I am writing today to ask for your help in funding the completion of this project. There are 5 days left in their giving campaign and they are about $5,000 away from their goal. And depending on how much you give you can get some pretty sweet things in return! Who wouldn't want to throw a huge bash in a cool space for only $1,000!? Getting married or hosting a corporate event? This is the place to be!!


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