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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Winter Parfait

You guys are probably thinking...enough, enough! Enough with the cranberry, orange, rosemary desserts already! Well, suck it up. It's good and it's winter. So enjoy it before we are excited about peaches and summer berries.

Now, lets move on shall we? This is so yummy! Especially with Jeni's Brown Butter Almond Toffee ice cream. It really sends this incredibly easy dessert over the edge of good to excellent. I suggest making this at least a few hours ahead of time so it can cool a bit. I kind of like the mixture a little warm so it melts my ice cream ever so slightly. It is winter after all. Another idea with this compote (from bon appetite) is to serve it with your favorite greek yogurt if you are working on that healthy New Years resolution. I love the added herbiness of the rosemary. Just remember to remove the sprig and any loose leaves before spooning that goodness over whatever creamy dairy product you would like. My hubs has to have non-dairy creaminess and that is good too!

Enjoy my hungry friends!


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