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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meet Virginia & Sue

  1. A few months ago, I had a breakthrough. For a while I had wanted to create a fun stationery line that had never been done before. I just couldnt think of anything that was an awesome concept behind the design. Sure, I could create a great design but why? I didnt want to create something without meaning, that much I knew. I loved creating custom designs for brides to fit their personality, so all I knew was that I wanted this stationery line to be custom. That was where I sat for a long time, nothing ever really coming to me. One day, as I was sitting at my desk, I glanced over at a framed photo of my bridesmaids on my wedding day. I realized how unique they each were, how they all had a heart for different things and made the world a better place. I started sketching and just let my mind wander while I thought of them. I started drawing each of them, and from there the sketches grew until I had a page of women who have shaped me and molded me into who I am today, which brings me to this:
  2. It is hard to be a woman most days. Yes, it is fun to dress up and wear makeup and be womanly, but its also kind of tough. Despite broader-minded thinking, there is still pressure to have a work life, a love life, a healthy life, balance your family, friends and passions. Women are expected to cook, clean, love, laugh, create, do, be, go and a myriad of other things while also looking good when you inhabit all of these pieces of the puzzle. It sounds easy and looks easy but sometimes all of those things just are not. We were created as complex creatures, possibly more so than men. Our strength is quieter, our resolve is perhaps a little bit stronger when fighting for something or someone we love. We feel deeper, express differently and can go through more emotions in a minute before our male counterparts can think about it. Its just how we are, right ladies? I want to encourage you from this small blog to invest in the lives of the ladies around you. These reasons and so many more are why a sisterhood of friendship and love where we uplift one another rather than tear down is so important. When you get a quiet moment, step back and take a look at those who have shaped you and be thankful for their sisterhood, whether its a mom or sister, a best friend or a favorite character from a movie. 
  3. I started the Virginia & Sue stationery line from the inspiration of those who make me want to live up to their love and admiration. The line itself is named after my two grandmothers-Inez Virginia Hawkins and Betty Sue Henry. Maybe you have a Virginia in your life, the sweetest grandmother there isor a Sue, a sassy grandmother with a fierce love. The women these hairstyle and lip colors are named after mean so much to me and Im guessing you probably have someone just like them in your life toomaybe its a Julie or a Holly or a Whitney.
  4. With this line you can completely customize your stationery-your hairstyle, hair color, lip color and stationery and envelope colors. Each element is named after someone special, right down to the colors named after favorite characters that not only I loved and learned something from, but who can teach all of us women a thing or two.
  5. You can buy your custom stationery on my new site, here!
  6. These women embody grace, love and class. Please meet them:
  7. -Laurie

Mane Models (hairstyles): named after partners in crime






Molly, Whitney, Melinda

Emily, Sarah

Paint Pout: named after distinguished ladies
Inez, Nita

Color Choices: named after favorite female characters
Samantha (Now & Then), Roberta (Now & Then),Chrissy (Now & Then), Teeny (Now & Then), Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), Glinda (Wizard of Oz), Luna (Harry Potter), Hermione (Harry Potter), Rory (Gilmore Girls), Lorelei (Gilmore Girls), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty & The Beast), Lucy (I Love Lucy) ,Ethel (I Love Lucy)

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