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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015

Happy New Year! I hope you feel refreshed and ready to go for another brand new year. It sounds cliche to spout off resolutions for the new year, but it's so nice to be given a chance to do it again. I'm not one to really set resolutions but I do have some goals for myself this year. I want to share them with you here because I think it's good to be real and honest in this space. 

Forgive those who left wounds: I have been hanging on to some anxiety that was created about 5 years ago and I have found that it resurfaces when I am around high-strung, controlling people. I felt like I was walking on eggshells and that affected me more than I realized. I have also realized that I don't have to put up with those who make me feel that way. Life is far too short to have to do that. But I also need to just let it go and move on. 

Embrace yoga: I have played with yoga on a basic level but have never really gotten deeper into it to apply it to my life and breath. I just started my new year with yoga and also bought a membership to a studio. I want to understand it and allow it to fuel me. 

Push out negativity: We all need to stop being hard on ourselves and turn a negative thought into a positive one, regardless of what it is. 

Spend less: I want to be more mindful on what I spend and how I spend it. I would rather invest in something than worry with spending money on silly things, like at the Dollar aisle at Target . 

Create: Create. Create. Create.


PS-Download your January calendar here

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