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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cold & Flu Season, Watch Out!

Cold and flu season is rampant just about everywhere it seems like. Being healthy and taking lots of vitamin C and zinc are great ways to boost your immune system, but there are some other ways to up the ante as well so that you are protected around others who may be passing around the crud. Since using doTerra essential oils (this is not a sponsored post by the way, nor am I trying to sell anything) I've turned to more natural methods when I feel something coming on. I don't take medication well to begin with so having essential oils as my first line of defense is great. I use On Guard, Cassia or White Fir to boost immunity. You can learn more about each one below, but they all smell perfect for this time of year. Cassia actually smells like Cinnamon, White Fir smells like your Christmas tree and On Guard has a wonderful mix of citrus and cinnamon scents, so running any of these or wearing them won't make you smell like a hippie!


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