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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Cozy Guest Room

’Tis the season for guests! With a holiday of giving, celebrating and being near the ones you love, you are sure to have people staying with you at some point during the month. This is always a busy time of year for get-togethers or friends coming in to town to see others. Remember to stock up on your guests’ favorite snacks and drinks to have on hand-it shows you are a considerate hostess and want them to feel welcome in your home. Yes, even if it is your parents or best friend! It’s easy to feel uncomfortable in someone else’s house just because you may not know where the bath towels are or need a drink of water in the night. Help your guests feel welcome by thoughtfully putting things out that they use on a daily basis and even some little things that they may not normally use, like essential oils. For the cold natured, an extra blanket is always nice to have on your guest bed. Leave some folded towels and washcloths in the bathroom with a new bar of soap. If you really want to them to feel lavished, put some bath salts in a jar. Make sure you leave a little bottle of antacids or pain reliever in the bathroom or bedroom along with a bottle or two of water, just in case. I usually fill up a diffusor with lavender essential oil and sneak it in before everyone settles down for the night. On Guard is great for those who have traveled from one type of weather into another so that they don’t get sick. Peppermint is wonderful for energy in the morning as well. If you know your guests well, leave some current magazines on the bed that they might like. If you have a magazine in your city or a cool local read, that is a fun touch to leave as well. New warm fuzzy socks, a small coffee pot for the early riser, or a list of TV channels are cool ideas to have available too. Your guests will feel settled and you will be a relaxed hostess! 

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