Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Final Days of Summer Grilling, Okra

As summer comes to an end so does the fresh summer produce. This past weekend we visited the farmers' market and picked up some of the last peaches, some okra and corn. We had the honor of cooking dinner for some friends who are expecting a new little one in a few short weeks and planned to grill steaks for a salad. Oh, and the corn as requested by the mom-to-be. While preparing everything for the hot coals I had the novel idea to throw everything on the grill. The okra, peaches, everything. We also have a ton of jalapenos right now and tossed those with a little oil, salt and pepper and threw those on.

If you have never tried grilled okra I highly recommend it! I am so sad that I have just discovered it's goodness at the end of the season! Growing up we either ate okra fried or pickled. Last Fall I learned how tasty it can be in soups and this season on the grill!

Grilled Okra
Skewers soaked in water (to help prevent burning)
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
Okra can make you a bit itchy when preparing it so either grab some latex gloves or work quickly and wash your hands often. I went with method two and was fine. Rinse your okra, dry and then toss in a bowl with enough olive oil for a very light coating and to have something for your seasoning to stick to. You may trim the stem without cutting into the okra; I left mine as I knew I wouldn't be eating that part anyway. Place the okra on the skewer horizontally and get as many on there as you can. Throw on the grill for 3-5 minutes per side depending on how much char you prefer. 

In preparing to grill on Saturday I found this recipe that I would love love love to try. It sounds so good! Here is another one that could help you use some of your basil. I wanted to make this sauce but didn't plan well enough. Get out there this week/weekend and experiment with the final days of summer produce and fire that grill up!



  1. I am a fan of the gas grill, thank you, very useful article.

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  3. Do you want to try smoker to cook?

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  5. We love grilled meat. I must try fruits and vegetables for my family. Thanks

  6. I know grilled vegetables are great. Grilled meat is very good, too. I have never cooked grilled fruits. I'll try this. Thanks

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  8. The pie looks so tasty. Grilled fruits are so good.

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  10. I love all about meat especially grilled meat. but having okra grilled? it is quite new for me. I should give it a try. thanks for your informative post.

  11. I really love grilled meat :D



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