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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Delicious Labor Day

A new tradition has begun in my main man's family...Labor Day weekends are now spent together in the mountains of North Carolina with whichever brother and wife can come. We missed our San Francisco siblings but loved catching up with the newlyweds and the 'rents. Laurie's family also has a Labor Day Pickwick Lake trip that is a standing tradition. One weekend many moons ago I was able to tag along...maybe one day I will live close enough to do it again. Laurie and her family discovered a new spot in Pickwick called The Outpost. Check it out!

During our NC trip we visited one of my all-time favorite restaurants, The Gamekeeper. It was probably about four years ago when I was first introduced to this lovely spot down a winding, mountain road just outside of Boone, NC. I have yet to visit in the winter when it is all cozy and covered in snow but it is delightful in the warm months when sitting out on the patio is possible.

When you visit The Gamekeeper you will find that their name is in direct relation to what they serve. Game of all kinds, typically locally sourced, can be sampled. Speaking of sampled...their Mixed Game Grill appetizer is a must. You can try anything from boar to ostrich and even rattlesnake! I can't make this up and you can't find it anywhere else (near my house at least). Their menu is seasonal so don't expect to find the same items on every trip but that makes it fun! And don't be frightened, they love vegetarians too! One of their veggie options is described to have 'every vegetable, leave and petal in the kitchen.' Here are a few photos from our lovely meal and a few more to make you wish you were in the Blue Ridge Mountains.



We ran into a Nashville friend while in Blowing Rock that invited us to her family's waterfall...yes, their waterfall. 

It was a little chilly for us girls...

...but we had our own adventure!

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