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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Tasty Western Travels

1. Cream 2. Marination in West Seattle 3. Portage Bay Cafe 4. Extracto 

As you all well know, when I travel I like to use all of my senses. Especially my sense of taste. And we had some of the tastiest food during our trip out west. I discovered that I really do like dark chocolate at Theo's, that oysters don't have to be fishy tasting, that good pizza and a movie doesn't just have to happen at home, that hip coffee shops in Portland do more than just good coffee and that you can get a doughnut the size of a dinner plate in San Francisco.

I know you are just dying to know what my favorite tasty stop was. Well, I can't name just one! But I will tell you my notable finds.

The hubs and I were falling all over ourselves at The Walrus and the Carpenter. Was it the decor? Was it the drinks? Was it the food? Was it the fact that we were hot and tired from a long walk? Everything about this place was perfect. Perfect. This is a small plate resturant which makes for an excellent sharing dinner while being able to try numerous items from the menu. We tried sardines for the first time. I would have never in a million years told you I liked sardines. I like sardines. We are both still so so glad we ran across this little gem in the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle. And by all means, when you are near the ocean and fresh seafood, try everything!

One of our day trips in Portland included a trip to Astoria. Loved this little town and wish we would have had more time to explore. We had a few hours to see the sights (some Goonies sights of course) and have some dinner. We found Fort George. They had great local brews, a fantastic view, and some really good pizza.

On our day trip to Napa we enjoyed an al fresco lunch near a vineyard thanks to some great fresh meat, cheese, bread, olives, etc. at the perfect local grocery, Oakville, that has been around for well over a century. Delightful.

Excuse my iphone for taking a less than stunning photo. It was just so good!

I could go on for days about the amazing Tasty Travels. I will include some in the travel guides that will come very soon. I look forward to remembering more of our trip doing those and sharing some must see sights! The trip was fantastic and we are so thankful it came together.

1. Boudin Bakery 2. Theo Chocolate 3. Rachel's Ginger Beer 4. Top Pot

Tasty travels to everyone!


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