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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Get A Good Night's Sleep!

I am a light sleeper and I have discovered a few things recently that have helped me have a more restful sleep. Sometimes, our minds tend to keep us awake so I try to tune out the internal noise with a room air purifier. The white noise is soothing, but I have also used noise makers in the past that I liked as well. After I wash my face at night, I like to get my wash cloth really hot and wrap it around my feet. For some reason, having clean feet makes me feel nice and clean when I pull the covers over me and the heat is so relaxing. Having soft sheets and a comfy pillow are sort of a given, but when you really find the perfect pair, snoozing is so much better. My favorite thing and most affective sleep aid is lavender essential oil. I use doTerra, which I think works better than something available at Whole Foods. The oil is more concentrated so you can use less and it goes a long way. I put the oil on my chest, back of my neck and sometimes on my feet. Within about ten to fifteen minutes I’m sleeping like a baby. I’ve noticed lately that I am sleeping through the night since using lavender and wake up way more rested in the morning. 


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