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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Alison's Travel Bag

Before taking a long trip to the Pacific Northwest I knew a new camera bag/purse was in order. I have been interested in a new camera bag for a while and love the one I have but I always have to carry a purse in addition to my camera/laptop bag...just exhausting. Some shopping on resulting in finding a new company that has great "liveable" bags. Kelly Moore is a really thoughtful designer and every time I use my bag I realize how much sense it makes. My Kelly Moore "Chapel" bag is the best. Watch the video to see its awesomeness.

So what do I pack in my back for a long trip? A little of this a little of that. Snacks are good money savers, gotta have my camera of course and my favorite 50mm lens. Just in case you were wondering I thought I'd share my contents.

Happy travels and tell Kelly Moore Paper Pearl sent you if you need a new camera/tote too!


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