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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#100happypearls Recap

1. Just Ripe Dixie Biscuit 2. A free trip to the Knoxville Museum of Art on a lunch break with a co-worker 3. The last time my man and his law school bud ever studied together 4. Signs of summer

Did you all participate or follow our #100happypearls photos on instagram? If not, don't worry...I'm here to fill you in. I'm also here to encourage you to do something similar to what Laurie and I did. Taking one photo for 100 days of something that brings you a little bit of joy every day is a wonderful idea. I can't tell you how much fun it was to go back through my photos and remember the blessings, good food, fun events, hard times and milestones that happened in my family in the past 100 days. And you don't have to post your photos anywhere online but just taking one a day for yourself might do you a world of good sometime. I know I get in ruts where I feel like everyone else's life is (fill in the blank) than mine. Really though, my life is wonderful and full of blessings every day.

So, here is to remembering our blessings and making it through hard days. Let us know if you take us up on the #100happypearls challenge!


1. That time when you are glad you pay for AAA 2. That time when my husband graduated from law school 3. That time when I knew someone who got to wear one of those funny doctoral hats to graduation 4. The reason we were glad we paid for AAA and that we safely made it to the side of the road (and that time when we had two flats, on two cars, in one day)
1. Fresh tomatoes from our own yard 2. The time that Anthropologie hired me for an in-store event 3. The best $10 spent in quite a while 4. Biscuit Fest 2014 documented by yours truly 

1. I wish I could live in Stanley's Greenhouse 2. Getting a note from a new friend at Anthro corporate and finding out that they liked my work 3. The first birthday celebrated with my new sister 4. Flowers from my favorite, A Village of Flowers, for my new sister's bachalorette party

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