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Monday, July 21, 2014

Travel Well

When it comes to traveling, I like to be as organized as possible. It just makes the trip that much more relaxed when I’m at my destination and I know where everything is. Smaller items or ones that multitask to cut down on suitcase space are perfect to keep in your travel arsenal. The Wash & Wear Lingerie Bag from Kate Spade keeps your undergarments protected from getting squished and also keeps your pretty things tidy. I like to cut down on my daily hair products and use uniqONE Hair Treatment because it detangles, protects, smooths and all that good stuff that you have to achieve with multiple gels and sprays. There is also a shampoo version if you want to take just two hair products with you-trust me, it’s worth it. Flying always makes me feel groggy and run-down but on my last two flights I took a capsule of doTerra OnGuard and felt great when I landed and went about my day. To keep yourself entertained and plugged into the life you left behind (even if momentarily), an iPad mini is the best size to put in your carry-on. On our cruise earlier this month, we came across  Benetton Underscore Luggage that amazed me. The colors and designs were so fun, but the best part is that it was so lightweight. Clip a cute little Off We Go Luggage Tag from Kate Spade onto it and start jet setting!


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