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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Coconut Rice

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of celebrating a bride-to-be/my new sister-in-law in Nashville. Our dinner reservations were at Virago as sushi was the bride's request. Let me tell you....This was my second visit to Virago and it was even better than the first. Our reservations were for their second floor, outdoor seating area; the food, drinks and view were top notch. I felt like such an old woman as I pointed out the Union Station Hotel in the skyline and reminisced about the night my man and I spent there (almost 4 years ago!) and Laurie's wedding (almost 2 years ago!)....Old woman.

Anyway, Virago was amazing. And so is their coconut rice!! You must get it if you are ever there. Like, whoa. I had to figure out if I could recreate this side dish so when crock-pot curry was on the McQuain dinner menu the other night I found this little gem. I will say it doesn't have the wow factor that Virago's has but quite good I will say. I increased the amount of coconut cream as the original recipe left my rice a little dry. And when I say coconut cream I used coconut milk as I couldn't find cream at the one store I stopped at. If you get original coconut milk there is enough cream on the top to use in this recipe (don't shake the can before opening). You might also want to save the remaining milk to add to any extra rice that you reheat at a later date. It will dry out a bit in the refrigerator overnight.

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