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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer-Bright Mani/Pedis

Nothing makes a summer tan look better than a bright manicure. These are some of my favorites either that I own, have had on my nails in the past or have seen in a salon firsthand. I currently have “Jackie Oh!” on my toes and every time I look down it makes me happy! I think the color may be a bit too bright for dear Jackie though. “Delirium”  and “Hot & Spicy” I have in my own nail polish collection and used to have “Dating a Royal” until that was all used up. Would Harry approve of such a bold color? It matches his fiery hair nicely, don’t you think? “Need Sunglasses” has graced my toenails once before and “Age of Aquarius” and “Bikini So Teeny” are next on my color to-try list. 

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