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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Let's Talk About...

It’s usually a time we don’t like to deal with…that time of the month. It messes with our minds, our emotions, taste buds and our bodies. We overeat, we cry for no reason, we bloat, we feel tired and cold (what’s up with that?). Generally during this time I tend to say “people are stupid today, I cannot deal with them.” That’s not true of course, all the little PMS monsters are saying that to me making me believe it and try my patience. Life doesn’t stop just because our bodies make us irritable, though. There are several ways I like to deal with the nuisance of this monthly gift other than lamenting that “Aunt Minnie has arrived,” the not-so-endearing term my best friend and I used to use when it was embarrassing to admit we were on our periods…now we just don’t care and use it as an excuse to eat Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Aside from indulging in this treat (spooning it straight from the jar, yes), I have discovered some monthly essentials that ease the icky feelings of Aunt Minnie’s arrival and let you live your life with reduced affects. Since starting to use doTerra essential oils, I love the Clary Calm essential oil blend. It grounds me, uplifts my mood and lessens any cramps I may have. Throughout the day and evening I try to get rid of the unescapable bloating that seems to always occur for me by switching between Cranberry Weightless tea and Raspberry Leaf tea which also helps with general PMS symptoms. While I know that working out is supposed to make you feel better, I tend to take it a little lighter and focus on long holds and stretchy yoga poses so that I don’t dread my workout and convince myself I just need to veg out instead. I like Self’s Yoga Relief for PMS yoga positions to accompany any other workout activity. At the end of the day, it’s totally fine in my book to pamper yourself with a nice long bath soaking in Himalayan sea salt. The salt gets impurities out of your body and relaxes you as well. Nothing is better than a good laugh if you’re feeling a little bleh and I am really into catching up on The Mindy Project. I just jumped into this past season, so I would love to go back and indulge in the first two seasons to get me up to speed! If you have to give in to those chocolate sugary cravings, go a healthy route with a cupcake recipe for one from Chocolate Covered Katie. You’re allowed to not share right now, so enjoy your cupcake and kick PMS in the pants. 


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