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Monday, June 23, 2014

Flashback to Coney Island

One place that I knew we had to visit while in NYC last summer was infamous Coney Island. So much history and so much fun! It is a bit of a subway ride from Manhattan but worth it. I had to have a sit on the beach, a hot dog and a ride on the Wonder Wheel! We made it happen. If you are ever in NYC for an extended visit and have a free half or whole day you must make the trip.

Since the early 1800s, Coney Island, “playground of the world,” has played many roles in the lives and imagination of New Yorkers and the world. From its beginnings as a quiet seaside town, Coney Island went on to boom years in the 1880s, as entrepreneurs rushed to stake their claims and make their fortunes. The area enjoyed brief stability in the late 1890's and early 1900's, the heyday of Luna Park (1903-1946), Dreamland (1904-1911) and Steeplechase Park (1897-1907, 1908-1964), Coney Island’s famed amusement parks, but with the Great Depression, Coney Island transformed once again. The area became a “Nickel Empire” of cheap amusements; a nickel paid the fare on the new subway line, and visitors were greeted by the original Nathan’s Famous, home of the five-cent hot dog. The amusement parks struggled to stay afloat and Coney Island began to experience hard economic times. Nevertheless, Coney Island continued to provide an accessible and affordable opportunity for a diverse population, always looming large in the history of New York.                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Source
As we welcome summer this week take an escape to Coney Island! Happy first week of Summer!


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