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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anthropologie Pop-Up Market: Knoxville

As I mentioned to you all last week, I was able to spend a day in our local Anthro store for a Pop-Up Market. I had a lovely time documenting the event for Anthro! There is no better store to spend a few hours in mingling with customers, vendors and employees. You all are sick of hearing how much I love Anthro, I know, but I also love their enthusiasum for getting involved in the local community. This event provided guests the opportunity to browse products of food vendors in our area as they shopped. And most of the local vendors gave out free samples! Not to mention the lovely lemonade and water station provided by Anthro...there is no better way or place to shop.

The staff and visual team at our Knoxville store are top notch. And there are equally awesome people at the Home Office in Philly I was able to connect with. I love when businesses are able to be so aware of who their customer is and what they value...Anthro gets it so well. They've got me hooked. Knoxville loves having you guys!

Enough of my singing praises...enjoy a few photos from the event and come visit our store sometime! Tell them Paper Pearl sent you!


Vienna Coffee shared a beverage with me that I didn't immediately spit out...that is a pretty big deal.

I not totally sure it is a good thing that I know about Joy and Bradley's Chocolates. Yum!

Always lovely to have Cruze Farms. Even Kaylee from the Home Office got in on the fun. 

Dale's Fried Pies are THE best. 

It was hard not to buy everything Sevier Blumen had.

That is Heather, Knoxville's visual team power house, on the far left and some lovely managers and greeters on the right. 

Tea at the Gallery's Blue Mango Green Tea is so wonderful. 

My favorite wall in the store...those are small paper strips that were hand-dyed, waxed and assembled. Fantastic. 

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