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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Thanks

I wonder if there are certain generations that truly understand the importance of this holiday...I also wonder if you have to reach a certain age in your life to be truly thankful for this day. Not because it creates a three day weekend or because it is the unofficial start of summer but because of the reason this day exists. Because of those who were drafted, because of those who volunteered, because of those who missed their family members for weeks or even years, for those who will never see their family members again, for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is for those Americans that I am enjoying my Memorial Day and the freedom to do whatever I want today.

We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day! And we encourage you to remember those who we celebrate.

Photos from the Mountain Home National Cemetery in Johnson City, TN

-Alison & Laurie

Give your soldier a squeeze today if you can. If not, call them like I will.

To our family's Marine. We are thankful and proud of all of your hard work. And we can't wait to see you back in your Charleston with your bride!

You're my favorite youngest brother.

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