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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: The Skinny on Festival Food

If you're as lucky as we are in Knoxville, festivals happen fairly often and the food is always tasty. What also comes with Knoxville festivals is often times local vendors mixed in with carni food (as I like to call it). We have locally made milk and ice cream, fried pies, tamales, popsicle and so much more. Yum! And I will be the first to tell you that kettle corn and a foot-long corndog will be consumed by yours truly before I leave the event. Thankfully I usually have a good friend or husband that comes along with me to help with my consumption. Most times I allow others to help.
Side note: A sad realization that the hubs and I had recently...he actually does like kettle corn...noooo!!! He still doesn't eat as much as I do but I have to share now. But sometimes I bring the bag to work with me so he can't get his sticky fingers on my kettle corn.

I told you people I like the kettle corn. I don't mess around. 

Ok, so you are going to a festival but you are scared of the calories. Don't worry. Not everything is fried. Here's what you can do.

  • Take a friend and learn to share better than I do. Most everything should be shared at these events. 
  • Choose the non-fried items. Grilled corn, kabobs and turkey legs aren't as bad. But DO NOT eat all of that turkey leg by yourself and don't douse your corn in butter or seasoned salt. 
  • Don't get lazy. Keep walking. Park a little further away than you normally would. 
  • Eat a healthy snack before you go so you get full faster. 
  • Fresh squeezed lemonade isn't terrible. Tell them to go light or not at all on the simple syrup and take some low-cal sweetener if you want. Laurie likes stevia. 
  • Relax and have a little fun. Get a funnel cake. Just don't eat it all alone. Remember that whole sharing thing. 
Be sure to check back with us tomorrow and Thursday for some info about upcoming festivals in the Tennessee area. Have fun and welcome to the season of the festival!


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