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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ink Blot Easter Eggs

As I sat staring at my freshly boiled stark white eggs this past Sunday, I couldn't think of what to do that would be different. I loved the look of half gold-half colored eggs, so I did half a dozen like that. You may have noticed them from Tasty Tuesday's angeled egg post. To create those, simply use baker's food coloring mixed with water and vinegar, let dry and spray paint. 

However, that left me with another 6 eggs to play with. I looked through my craft box and discovered an old bottle of india ink that I'm sure was bought in college, used once for a project and never again. Lucky for me, apparently I thought it would come in handy one day. Unsure of what the ink would do on an egg, I dropped a single droplet onto the egg and watched it run and spread. Beautiful. 

The stark contrast of black on white was refreshing because it wasn't a pastel little pretty one. It was daring and bold and I loved the look of it. I even rolled three of the eggs in the ink until they were solid black (sadly only one of those survived) and looked like leather. 

I simply had fun making these eggs and never intended on making a parallel to the reason that I celebrate Easter. Let me just get that clear. However, as I sit here and roll these eggs around, the stark blots on a once spotless white egg remind me of the sin stains Jesus was marked with when he was on the cross. Our sinful human nature marked the son of God's body in the form of blood, in the form of our sins past and present, just like this oozing black ink marks these eggs. Jesus' life was without sin-a spotless white egg. He chose to take those sins upon himself and die for every person on this planet. This would have been simply a sweet gesture of a martyr had he not risen from the dead three days later. Thus, the reason I celebrate Easter. Not because I'm told to, have been taught to or feel like I have to. 

I celebrate it because I put a lot of ink blots on that spotless egg. My sin on a perfect son of God. As a Christian, I still do and probably always will put ink blots on that beautiful white egg. If my life started out as that pure white egg, I am sure over time it would eventually look more like the solid black egg covered up with something flashy like that hot pink neon. You won't notice the blackness with the cover up, right? It's not because I'm a bad person, it's simply because I am a person. I'm not perfect. I sin. 

Thank God Easter happened because now I know that no matter how much ink I put on that egg, it is only a shell. Thank God that there is still egg underneath that blackened shell that can be peeled away to reveal a shiny soft white egg with a yolk that is untouched. Thank God when one day I die, I know I will be with a living God who will crack my shell and peel it away to make me shiny, spotless and new. Thank you for allowing me to be unashamed and admit to you the parallels of an egg to my sin and my Savior. 

This post could have easily been simply how to ink blot an egg and you can still do just that. I encourage you to think about it though. Let's just get a little deeper and a little more real today. A little deeper than a cute bunny with a puffy tail and some plastic colorful eggs. Let's celebrate something real. 


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