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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Escape to an Artistic Small Town: Paducah, KY

Most people have never been to Paducah, KY. I still have a hard time spelling it. But, if you haven't been I would highly recommend it! I have visited twice now and both times I have been reminded of how much I enjoy this town.

Paducah's downtown is alive and well with a small park along the river, museums galore, local businesses/eateries and a visual and performing arts community that is hard to beat when comparing it to larger cities. And most everything you want to see is within walking distance of each other not to mention free parking. There is a fantastic local bakery I had to try out as well as some pretty tasty doughnuts at Red's. There are wonderful local restaurants and a local grocer that tries to source food as locally as possible. I even spotted a brewery downtown. I can't give you a full tour as my time was spent photographing some sweet families that you will meet here tomorrow but I did want to share some highlights that I spotted. Note: do not make your visit on a Sunday. As in most southern/small towns, downtown districts shut down on Sundays.

Visit Paducah's tourism website and learn more about what this small town hast to offer! The National Quilting Museum is a big attraction in the area aside from the numerous other museums. Have a little boy who loves trains? Their is a railroad museum.


Amazing fresh baked bread and treats

The architecture downtown is so amazing and well-kept. 

Men and women can shop together...antiques and cigars. 

This mural is painted on the flood walls lining the downtown area and provides a painted history

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