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Monday, April 7, 2014

Create a Resurrection Garden

Easter is two weeks away and even though the idea has been around for a while, I wanted to try my hand at making my own resurrection garden to touch the dirt again, to feel a little more renewed and to honor what Easter means to me. This does not have to be a religious planting, it can just be a renewal if that is best for you. Either way, it was nice to bring nature together in a tiny symbolic art form. 

What you need:
Grass of your choosing (I found some small pieces at Lowe's)
Ground cover to cover the "cave"
A small terra cotta pot to create the cave that Jesus' tomb was in
Small pebbles to create a pathway
A larger stone to place in front of the "cave"
Potting soil
A small plant bowl or pot

Layer in a small amount of potting soil; Dig a small hole deep enough for half of your pot to fit down in and press the grass around it; layer in the ground cover over the pot; add a small row of pebbles to create a pathway; finish off with a rock for the boulder. Water your garden; Reap what you sow. 


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