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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Moment of Truth:

It's time to get real for a moment. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Smile. Breathe and allow your mind to have a moment of peace away from thoughts that run your world. Let's start the week off to positive start. 

Sometimes I think we need to step away from a round up of great kitchen items and how-tos and just be real for a second. If you noticed my absence on the blog last week, here’s why:

I’ve been going through a season of being hard on myself: feeling bad about gaining a few pounds, not working out enough, slipping up on my diet plan, feeling like no one likes me because of silly things I make up, pushing to be busy so that I feel successful (when I really am just ignoring the real problem) and not giving 100% to any one thing. 

As a result, I have worn myself out and spread myself too thin. I need to get down and dirty to make Fanciful Ink a success and really devote time to it more than I have (which has actually been a lot) but I also need to know when to chill out in the evenings. I have conditioned myself to think that if I’m not doing something, I am simply being lazy. Let me just say this: I think that being lazy is good for us sometimes. We need those moments to decompress and look at our lives.

Our world is so busy all the time. It seems like busy=success. That is certainly a huge lie we are telling ourselves. Busy is just making us look like we are important. Importance leads to comparison of others who are “busy” (read: successful) and we put ourselves down so much that our self worth is measured in how many things you can pack into one day.

I was trying to be a good Barre Amped teacher, run this blog with fresh content that was interesting and build up my business. I was never giving 100% to any one of those things. I started to dread Barre Amped, felt burdened coming up with a fabulous post and overwhelmed by business in general. 

At the beginning of March, I knew something had to go or had to be redefined. This past week I have allowed myself to cleanse-in many ways. After being a Tone It Up member for years now, I finally did the seven day slim down. I had been feeling some extra weight and generally just felt icky. Sticking to the plan was much harder than expected, especially from days 5-7 when I just wanted a piece of bread. This past week I also switched up my teaching schedule at Barre Amped. Now I start my weeks off with ladies who are inspiring in their strength and a joy to be around. That leaves the rest of my week free to tackle Fanciful Ink projects, spend time with my husband, do housework and in general have time to simply be. I took a little break from the blog as well hoping to find inspiration and come up with ideas to showcase on here. 

My results? Well, I slimmed down. I don’t know if others will notice but I do and my husband does and I feel better. What did I learn? Balance is key when it comes to diet and exercise. I do my best to eat clean and I hope to keep that up but I also think cheat meals are necessary. They keep you sane. Don’t beat yourself up over some cheese dip at the Mexican place or a piece of cake at a friend’s birthday. If you keep up a generally healthy lifestyle the rest of the time, those little treats are ones to savor. With my new class schedule at Barre Amped I felt refreshed and it started off my week with a very positive tone of strength and has helped me be more adamant about a workout schedule. I have started to wrap up some design projects, spent some time with my husband for longer than a couple of hours at night and in general have relaxed

The result from my week of cleansing was balance. Thank God. I needed it to find it. I think I will still be working on it but I need to enjoy my obligations and find delight in moments that are mundane or that I would normally dread. I challenged myself to do that this week and with our 100 happy days challenge as well, it’s working. It just takes commitment to find the best balance possible for your life. Let some things go, rearrange and allow yourself to breathe. When we are suffocated by all these different things that threaten to kill our joy, we die inside and become apathetic. 

I’ll have a post later this week on tips to balance your life. Thank you for reading, I know this was a long post and it didn’t involve anything pretty! 

Breathe, balance and find the beauty in all the moments of your day this week. 


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