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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Maybe it has everything to do with Spring Break being in full swing (not for me), but I am feeling some serious wanderlust this time of year. I have always loved to travel and thoroughly enjoyed my travel experiences during college. It may have a lot to do with my eyes being opened to the beauty of what lies beyond our country’s borders and even Tennessee’s…whatever it is that pulls me to explore different cultures tends to roar this time of year. 
I wish I could go, but until then I will dream. Two dreams of exploring places have come true for me in the past: I once wrote a bucket list of places I wanted to see. I’m not sure where that list ended up, but Morocco was one of them, Italy another. I visited both places and took so much away from those trips. 

I challenged Alison to pick five places she wants to visit as well. Come, travel the world with us even if it is only in our minds...

Kenya Safari: It would be amazing to be up close and personal to wild animals and to be surrounded by such natural beauty. (photo from Magical Kenya)

Williamsburg, VA: I think this would be beautiful in the fall to see  our country’s origination (photo from Visit Williamsburg).

Phuket, Thailand: Exotic foliage, Thai cuisine, culture and a beach…all I need. Well, maybe running water too. I’m sure Phuket has that. (photo by Most Beautiful Places in the World)

Great Britain: I would love to rent a car and visit England, Ireland & Scotland. Fish & chips, Awesome accents, Harry Potter, William & Kate. (photo by

Chefchaouen, Morocco: This blue city has always intrigued me. The serenity and color here make it seem so refreshing. I love that the color was inspired by prayer shawls. (photo by Lonely Planet)


Chicago: I want to see what all the fuss is about and find out what this windy city has to offer.  (photo by

Holland in the Spring: I want to see tulips for miles and walk down canals. I want to learn about dutch food and eat their cheese. (photo by

San Diego: I have wanted to visit this city for quite some time. I hear it is a fantastic place to be. (photo from tourism site)

Sites of Highway 101 and the Parks around it: From L.A. to Washington state. I want to travel this highway and enjoy the natural beauty along the way. (photo by Phil Schermeister)

Greece: I want to wear cool linen, snack on olives and cheese, see the city meet the waves, enjoy the history ancient civilizations. (photo from tourism site)

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