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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Closet

A change of season for me always brings a need to purge, organize and refresh. One of the most needed places is usually my closet. I keep pieces of clothing that I think I will wear with this or that and then forget about the outfit in my head and never wear it. So it hangs there another year and I am faced with the decision to get rid of it or hang on to it. Even though I have the space for it, I don't want to just have a ton of clothes hanging in there when I don't use them or wear them. I would much rather someone else get it who would wear it. Seasonally cleaning out your closet is great to do so that you are thankful for what you have, are reminded to use it and really determine to streamline this everyday aspect of life. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are going through your closet to see if you should keep or toss your togs:

Does it fit? Will it fit if I lost or gained five pounds?Have I worn it in the past year?
Can I reinvent this? If so will I wear it within the next month?
Is its style timeless? Does it still reflect my taste in clothing?
Does it need alterations or repairs? Will I take time to make those changes within the next two weeks?
Do I feel good in this?
Would I buy this all over again?

If you make a pile of clothes you no longer want, consider a few options of getting rid of them:

1) Donate to a worthy cause. There is always Goodwill or the Salvation Army that will take used items, but if you want to know that your stuff is going somewhere meaningful, look for a local women’s shelter and see if they will take gently used items. For women in the work force, you can try Dress for Success to help women feel confident going to job interviews. Soles4Souls takes used shoes as well and gives to those in need. Their mission is beautiful. I love giving back to organizations like these. Search your area for opportunities.
2) Any old clothes with holes in them or towels that you would throw away can be used for bedding for an animal. Contact a local shelter  and see if they welcome items like that rather than filling up a landfill somewhere.
3) Encourage girlfriends to spend their Saturday going through and reorganizing their closets, then host a girls night where you can all swap. Even if you are not all similar in size, try to purge accessories like scarves and jewelry you no longer wear and focus on that. That way, your girlfriends won’t be comparing their body type to someone else. It would be fun to make a night out of it with girly movies, drinks and snacks. Fun and free!

-LaurieFashion illustrations by Brittany Fuson Paper. I pulled some thumbnails from her site because I wanted them small and in a row, each one of these sketches is an individual print for sale. Her work is so adorably chic, you MUST check it out!

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