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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saturday Dreaming: Knoxville

Lately as my Sundays begin to wind down and the thought of starting another week is in the forefront of my mind I start dreaming of the next Saturday. Do we have plans already? If we don't, I wonder what the weather will be like? What should we do? Do I have any photography or blog stuff I need to work on over the weekend? All of these questions start floating around a week from the next possible day I can actualize them.

Well, my weekend is over and I'm looking forward to the next one! And even more to the one after next when commitments aren't present. I thought you all might enjoy hearing what my dreamy Knoxville Saturday looks like should you ever find yourself here without an agenda. 

I am active outdoors so I don't feel bad about consuming all you is so wonderful and the beauty of East TN is just as good!
8am: Throw the stocked picnic basket backpack (ours is awesome) in the car and head to Just Ripe for a breakfast biscuit or maybe a smoothie as we head toward Townsend, TN to enter the Smoky National Forest for a day hike. You can't find a bad trail I don't think but Ramsey Cascade is a beautiful hike. Warning: It is a bit of a doosey. I shared about it here. But worth it for sure. And if you are looking for something in town or a little less of a commitment (which I often am) try Ijams Nature Center. It is quite lovely. Some of the trails include scenic overlooks of the Tennessee River. So lovely. Oh! And the Knoxville Botanical Garden is a perfect location for a stroll and picnic!
1pm: Making it back to Knoxville by 1pm all depends on the type of trail you take...But, should this be in the warm weather months we would do our best to make it back to Market Square in time for the farmers market and a scrumptious treat from one of the awesome food trucks in town. Sweet and Savory is always a good choice. I would probably have to get their apricot tea. I would probably stop in for some home dreaming at Bliss on Market Square. I discovered Rala recently as well; great find! After perusing and produce buying its time for a shower; we've got big plans later!
6pm: Head to fancier end of Gay Street for some of my favorite food at Knox Mason. I CANNOT get enough of this place. Starting at the bar with a cocktail and maybe charcuterie is never a bad option as you wait on your table in this cozy little spot. I could sit there all night. It reminds me of some of my favorite little spots in NYC and it really is an escape in Knoxville for me. I have yet to find something I didn't like there and learning something new about food is a given.
8pm-Bedtime: Just over a block or two is another restaurant/venue called Boyd's Jig and Reel. While the food is quite good and the scotch menu, or should I say book, is extensive--I often go for the music. Would this have been a Friday night you could have found me in The Underground enjoying some Frog and Toad Dixie Quartet.
Much past 10pm and I'm boring. Especially after a morning of hiking! I am discovering fun things every season here in Knoxville. This place is growing on me for sure. I had my doubts. Huge doubts. 


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