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Monday, March 24, 2014

Musical Monday: Shara Worden

Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) is just lovely. I had the pleasure of hearing her preform this past summer in a piece composed by David Lang at the Bang on a Can music festival. In looking for videos to share with you all I learned that she is also a native Arkansan like myself. Fun fact.

Be sure to take the time to learn about Shara and some of her collaborations with other artists. I especially love how she seems to encompass so many different art-forms into her pieces and videos. And the modern twist she has on the orchestral arrangements in her work. Her work is just so different than most anything else I have heard. Be sure to check out Y-Music as well (they partner with Shara on a lot of things). She is quite inspiring.

This is the piece we were able to hear at Ban on a Can

4.08.14 Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, CA
4.11.14 The Pool South Bend, IN
4.12.14 Van Noord Arena Grand Rapids, MI
4.13.14 Butler Arts Fest Indianapolis, IN
4.26.14 Trinosophes Detroit, MI



  1. Love Shara! Fun fact: Mark did a music video for her as a side project in college. I can't remember all the details of how it worked out, but she asked a bunch of no-names like Mark who were interested to create videos for remixes of her songs. It was a cool experience and something he really enjoyed.

    1. Can't get enough of her Caryn! Maybe you guys will be able to see more of her in your city now. :-) And that is so cool! I love that. And sometimes those "no-names" deliver the best product! -Alison



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