Monday, March 31, 2014

April Desktop Calendar Download

As the first quarter of the year passes us by after today and we have a bright new season upon us, I want to encourage each of you to be intentional about being you, being happy and being your best self. Alison and I have collaborated to bring you a beautifully simple and springy desktop calendar. Alison took the photo of these peaceful pink blooms and I created the calendar for it. We would love for these pretty blossoms to grace your computer desktop. Think of us when you plan our your month's activities! Download here

I have to be real with you for a moment and say that it has been an emotional past month for me...not because of any one thing in particular that happened, but because my "busyness" finally got to me. I was lying to myself and thinking that being busy meant being successful, when it means completely the opposite. I was never giving 100% to any one thing, just smaller percentages to many things and was spreading myself too thin. I am trying to find more of a balance in my life while still maintaing the things I love. My goal for myself this month, beginning April 1 is to be more knowledgeable and more committed to health-physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to spend time taking care of myself and relaxing, finding more balance in life and appreciating the small moments that make me happy. So, beginning tomorrow, Alison and I both want to invite you and challenge you to join us in the #100happydays challenge. Take a photo a day for 100 days of what makes you happy, share socially and control the privacy of it...simple as that!

I, probably like you, thought "ugh no I can't add another thing to my plate"...but then I realized that by following this challenge I can have a peaceful moment in my life when I get stressed. I'm also trying to get back to a daily devotional and I think these two things will help me to find an inner peace that I seek. If you want to start a fresh season as well, join us on Instagram with your #100happydays hashtag and add in our exclusive Paper Pearl hashtag so we can find your pics!  Our hashtag (on any social platform you choose to use) will be #100happypearls. We want to see what makes you happy.

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