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Monday, February 17, 2014

Sewing 101: The dreaded button

I think for most modern girls (myself included), sewing falls by the wayside in the list of accomplish-able tasks. I am attempting to put an end to that in my own life (thanks to my mom over Christmas for reminding me how to thread my great-grandmother's sewing machine) and in Laurie's as well. Sewing a button back on to her jacket was something that needed to happen so when we were able to spend a weekend together it became a quick teaching moment. Do not let this imply that I know all.

Threading a needle: When I do this I always try to get a lot more thread then necessary because you can always reuse it. Put the thread through the top of the needle and then make both ends even with one another. Make a loop with the end of the threads together about a half inch from the tips of the threads and circle the ends thru the loop a few times so that when you pull the ends through the loop the final time you will have a good sized knot that won't pull through your fabric. 
The stitch: Start from the back of the fabric in the exact spot where you want the item to be sewn, push the needle through the fabric to the front side and place your button over your needle and thru the whole of the button. If you are working with a four-whole button push the needle back through the front side of the fabric in the hole diagonally across from the starting whole. In this case the button has one w\hole and needs to be able to move a little so I did not pull it super tight to the fabric. Repeat at least 10 times.
The tie off: make your last stitch end on the backside of the fabric with at least four inches of  extra thread on your needle for easier tying. Thread the needle through the stitches on the underside of the fabric but before you pull the thread tight, loop the needle through the circle you have created with the thread at least three times and then pull tight while guiding the knot you are creating to the fabric. Cut the thread with a little extra from the needle and for extra security take each end of the thread and tie a knot or two. 

All done! Laurie can now button the warmth inside her jacket and you can now keep your clothes buttoned on as well!

Stay crafty and classy!

-Alison (Laurie and Oliver) 

Oliver wanted to help...aka be in the way. 

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