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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pre-Spring Cleaning: Stinky Cutting Board

I don't know if you all have ever had this problem...I haven't until now. When we got married a little over three years ago one item I knew I wanted was a stout, wooden cutting board. For starters, because they look cool and I had heard they were better for your knives.

It wasn't until very recently that I began to notice my fruit tasting more like onions or garlic than the citrus I should taste. This is a problem. My hunt soon began for a natural process to rid my wooden board of this disastrous odor.

Solution: Lemon and Coarse Salt

Lemons are also a natural disinfectant I have learned through this process. Not only that, there are dozens of cleaning uses for lemons. I have found a few on this site.

If lemon juice and salt does not get your odor out you might try a baking soda paste (BS and water). Or maybe even a good dose of vinegar. Rinse any of these methods away with the hottest water you can stand. Then let the board dry and coat with a mineral oil of choice.

Done. Good as new cutting board. Not that this is hard, but I may devote my small bamboo board to onions and garlic. In doing research I have also seen that end cut maple is the best wood to use for a cutting board. I have no idea what mine is. Now we all know.


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