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Thursday, February 6, 2014

First Friday: Get out there!

As the year is still young I want to remind you all of the inspiration behind my First Friday pieces. First Friday events are something I learned about in college. I came from a small town with a very small and very young arts community. We did not have galleries or events to enjoy.

There was a small community in Jackson when I went to school that hosted First Friday art events downtown. I have not doubt that this scene has grown as well as the events that support the culture. I think a diverse community is so important. A community where lawyers and artists can get to know each other. I can say that because I am married to an almost lawyer who is also an musician. He also worked for a fantastic organization this past summer that benefits the creative community (Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts). I know these types can be friends. Promise.

I think First Friday events are the coolest and can help foster community-building relationships. Please remember to get out there this Friday night and brush shoulders with local artisans and small business owners that support this fantastic, once-a-month event. I can speak from experience; Knoxville and Franklin have a number of galleries and businesses that open their doors by at least 6pm and remain open until 9-10pm. The times may vary as individual businesses and galleries decide themselves. Nashville has traded in their First Friday for First Saturday. You might also find some tasty treats and beverages to sip on if you make it out before the supply runs dry.

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