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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fashion Flashback: Fur for the Modern Lady

As I lay on my couch under a fleece blanket with a space heater blowing my way I am sort of happy that winter is not yet gone. Why would you be sad to see it go when you can get all classed up in a fur from generations ago? Laurie and I love the style our grandmother and great-grandmother passed down to us in their beautiful furs. What a great addition to your everyday or evening looks! And maybe for a special outing on this upcoming Valentine's Day? I may have to get festive and wear mine to work Friday.

Laurie wore her fur on her wedding day and looks just as fabulous dressing it down with a pair of jeans and a classy pair of pumps. I, however, did not wear my fur during our August wedding. I may have been seen wearing my great-grandmother's other fur this past November in my bro-in-law's wedding. It was perfect. Even more perfect is wearing it out with a little vintage number or two like my thrift store wool, pleated skirt.

I challenge you guys to look back a decade or two or five and try your grandma's style. Macklemore loves to take your grandpa's style.

-Alison & Laurie

P.S. Remembering Mrs. Betty Sue Henry and Mrs. Alma Davis. There is always love in our heart for these two women.

You can't have class without a monogram...Oh the places these furs have been.

We were so warm and cuddly on this chilly day at the Parthenon in Nashville. Oh, and so I don't get an earfull...shout-out to my main man for pushing the shutter button for us.

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