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Friday, February 14, 2014

A LOVEly Bouquet: Valentine's Day Flowers on a Budget

I am of the mindset that fresh flowers are always necessary in a home. Not just a silly day like today. There is also no need to spend gobs of money on little lovelies that will soon come to pass. 

Today I bring to you a $10 Valentine's Day bouquet! My secret, only buying a portion and going to the great outdoors for the rest. I also wanted to show gentleman readers that a dozen roses isn't always the most romantic choice. In fact, I personally don't find it very romantic at all. I searched for more Spring florals but because everyone buys roses that was about all I could find. Always in Bloom here in Knoxville provided the spray roses and wax flowers (little pink filler flowers). The landscaping around my office helped me with the rest. Shhh...don't tell on me. ;-)

I love the dark contrast of the deep eggplant and the green mixed with the soft pink and ivory. I choose spray roses because they open up beautifully and have a very full and romantic look and I am loving the less put together floral arrangements I am seeing from people like Alice Gao (and friends) and Moon Canyon. And I think my little $5 ice bucket is the perfect vessel. 

Remember: You can save even more money if you wait a day or two after Valentine's Day...the flower cost drops dramatically. Let me be realistic, so does the chocolate. A good friend of mine has a very wise mother; they have always celebrated together a day or two after so they can get even more fun on a budget! 

My single ladies out there....This is not a day that should gain great importance. I always made a big deal out of it when I was single and now, as a woman in a marriage that doesn't indulge this "holiday," I realize that it really only means what you want it to mean. Remind a family member or dear friend how much you love them, go buy yourself some flowers because your home is softer when they are there, and enjoy this wonderful Friday! TGIF!!

With Much Love Today and Always, 


Flowers in snow...I can't handle the beauty. And I love the touch of red on these green leaves...pulls all of the colors together right nice.

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