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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Chicken & Rice Soup

On a busy and cold winter’s night, I needed something to cook that would be quick, easy and would warm me up. Since I like to know what is going in my meals, I am trying to make the time to cook more at home. My husband and I stopped for brunch at Panera Bread after church this past Sunday and I spotted some of their bread. So, bellies full with breakfast sandwiches and coffees, we left there with partial dinner…sourdough bread bowls! Soup for dinner it was! I love their chicken and rice soup, so I decided to make my own version of it as well. I’m sure there are other recipes out there, but I just went with what I liked and was really pleased with how it turned out. Very little prep, very little time…I was able to knock out several small projects while things cooked and simmered.
I don’t know about you, but it is frigid here in Nashville so we are doing all we can to stay warm. Trust me, this soup helps!

Chicken & Rice Soup
2 chicken breasts, lightly seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper
1 cup brown rice
1 can cream of chicken soup
Free-range chicken broth
1 celery stick, chopped up finely
1 carrot, chopped up finely
Finely chopped onion to your liking
Parsley, Dill, Salt, Pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350. Lightly brush chicken with olive oil, sprinkle salt and pepper. Let cook in the oven for about 20 minutes. Cook rice according to directions while the chicken bakes. 
Meanwhile, put can of cream of chicken in a large pot. In the empty can, fill twice with chicken broth, then half the can with water. Stir together until combined, then add in celery, carrots and onion. Sprinkle the top of the mixture with parsley, dill, salt and pepper until lightly coated (taste test later to see if more needs to be added).
When chicken and rice are cooked, cut chicken into small bite-sized pieces and place in the pot with the rest of the ingredients. Drain off most of the water from the rice and add to the soup mixture. Stir well to blend ingredients, then bring to boil for about 5 minutes, reduce to simmer for an hour, stirring often. 
Serve in a sourdough bread bowl for best taste. 

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