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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Travel Ready

For those of us who will travel many miles over the holiday season I bring to you a list of items you might find useful. Typically my southern, winter travels do not bring the headache and frustration of ice or snow. However, I have experienced it a couple of times, unexpectedly, and lets just say it is good to be prepared. I can only imagine how much fun it would be with little ones in the car. So, if you are traveling at all this winter here are some things you might consider having in your trunk most all the time.

AAA has a compact kit that easily fits in any size trunk with most all items you might need (from a shovel to a first aid kit). Another item that is good all the time is an ice scrapper with a brush on one end. The hubs has one and I often steal it. The portable car starter/air compressor is something my dad got me for Christmas one year and I am so glad he did! Not only do I not have to pay for air if my tires get a bit low but I also don't have to worry if I am alone while in need of a jump.

Remember to always pack a few snacks and definitely water. Things high in protein are good options. Fruit is always refreshing but not good to leave in the car in between trips like the bars or individual almond butter packs. While I hope you don't encounter this, the photo here shows a head lamp attached to a gallon of water...great portable lamp for games in the dark (great car games found on amazon for all ages).

Final parting tips: keep your gas tank pretty full, stop frequently for potty breaks (you never know when you might get stuck) and try to maintain a positive attitude.

Safe travels everyone!


1. AAA Winter Car Kit 2. Ice Scrapper 3. Car Jump/Air Compressor 4. Barney Butter Almond Butter 5. Kind Protein Bars 6. Soft Light 7. Head Lamp 8. Car Game (Would You Rather...?) 9. Car Game for Kids (Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas)

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