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Friday, December 20, 2013

TGIF: Christmas Edition

It is so hard to believe that Christmas is so close. With the weekend starting the Christmas festivities I can't help but feel a little sad that my beautiful Christmas tree (and it was a good tree this year) won't twinkle again for another year, my wrapping paper won't leave subtle sparkles on the floor that I secretly love, I can't watch the timeless movies that I have to see every single year. I feel like just last week we were putting up the best tree I've ever gotten and entertaining my husband's family for Thanksgiving…but then I stop and think. We get so caught up in going going going that we don't stop and sit and love the holiday moments. As I write this and stare at my tree, I remember these past December weekends that are now memories, some of the best memories I've made. It began with my birthday, being cozy with my family and best friends, watching multiple Christmas movies and guzzling cranberry tea; taking my best friend to cut down her tree amongst icy winter weather. The next week brought about a cookie exchange; a group of girls gathering for dinner scattered across my house, laughing and catching up since the previous year we had all been together. My grandmother's birthday brought about a fun dinner, going back in time to a Dickens Christmas in downtown Franklin, driving through a light show and seeing the decorations at Opryland Hotel. This week we have been quiet, going to bed early and taking it easy. It is a nice start to the holiday really, because as my eyes move from the tree to the mantle and my nativity scene, I realize it's so easy to get caught up in the constant revelry that we miss the reason we are celebrating.

In a world where so many opinions run rampant, freedom of speech and the ability to have your own viewshave become ridiculed, I think we need to just be quiet and still and watch the Christmas lights twinkle.

Let's remember that the lights of a small city twinkled over two thousand years ago in a similar way to two travelers who were turned away from an inn. People were too busy, to set on the goings-on around them to realize that an important baby was about to be born. We celebrate this season of giving, thanks and love because that baby was born. While our TGIF post this week may be about our favorite things during the season, I speak for both Alison and myself that our one true favorite thing is that our Savior was born. We do not hide it on this blog, nor do we necessarily flaunt it but we do recognize that our Savior Jesus Christ is the reason we are here today and the reason we celebrate Christmas. Our hope and prayer for you is that you take some quiet moments to reflect on this too.
Merry Christmas weekend.

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