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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

OBX: A Thanksgiving Tradition

Every other year or so the hubs and I are able to join his family for their annual Outer Banks Thanksgiving. And this year those chilly beaches hosted us again. I grew up going to the gulf whenever a beach trip happened...I had never been to a cold beach until my first OBX Thanksgiving in 2009. I was an easy sell. There is something about being bundled up and on a beach. I just love it.

This year the rental house was in Duck, NC. Duck has the cutest little downtown and THE BEST doughnuts ever. I am afraid I don't have a picture of the shop or the doughnuts as I didn't visit the store and the Duck Doughnuts disappeared as quickly as they appeared. There was even a doughnut with, wait for it, bacon on it! Apparently they make your doughnuts as you order. They were still warm when I bit into that cake doughnut wonder. So, if for no other reason to visit the Outer Banks, go for the Duck Doughnuts! Ok, there are other things to see in Duck as well. There is a city park with fantastic walkways in the sound. Lots of bird watching in this park too if you are in to that at all. (Side note: great movie)

Another perk of visiting OBX at this time of year is the fact that it isn't crowded as I hear it can get in the summer. The amount of large multifamily rental properties is amazing. It has to be crowded in the summer. Not to mention there is only one road that can take you from one end of the island to the other. Go in the off season. This is coming from someone that only goes at that time of year though so I might tell you something different if my circumstances were such.

Manteo is another cute little OBX town that is a must see. I have a few photos of this little seaside town. Poor Richard's is a great little sandwich shop if you're looking for a quick lunch during your shopping and site-seeing.

Sand dune kite flying at sunset...always a must.


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