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Monday, December 9, 2013

From our Homes to Yours Gift Guide

Dwell home 1 Dwell home 2 West Elm Pendant Lights West Elm Sectional West Elm Stripe Pillow
West Elm Stripe Throw West Elm Arm Chair West Elm Dotted Pillow  West Elm Vases West Elm Planters West Elm Art

When we decided to do a home-ware themed gift guide I was torn by the things I would share...I told Laurie we had to do something representing our current/current inspiration and our dream homes. 

I wouldn't call it a guilty pleasure because I never feel guilty looking at it, but I love Dwell magazine and the incredible houses architects and pre-fab companies are producing these days. I love all of the natural light and efficiency they bring to their owners and the homes featured in Dwell always seem to be really natural in a sense. I have no idea if I would be really comfortable in a home like this as sometimes this style home feels a little sterile. None-the-less, West Elm is a store I love and that could provide the perfect accessories for someone with a more modern sense of style. Ikea is also a good choice and really antique stores with lots of retro goods. Nostalgia is a great place for that look in Knoxville. Recycling is always a great idea.

My second home love is the rustic/French/cottage type home. This is sort of the look I have going now with the hand-me-down items we own. I love Anthropologie's home goods. I usually shop at antique stores or TJ Maxx if I have extra cash for home items...a little softer on the bank account than Anthropologie. I love the character and charm these items have. I like old things so anything that looks old and loved, I love. Their candles are the absolute best. That is my one splurge in home Anthropologie candle. I haven't bought a candle anywhere else in the last three years. It just isn't worth it.
Anthropologie Print Anthropologie Dinning Chair Anthropologie Curtain Anthropologie Mercury Glass Candle
Anthropologie Pillow Anthropologie Wall Sconce Anthropologie Mirror Anthropologie Bar Cart Anthropologie Side Table Anthropologie Sofa 

My home style is a little eclectic, a little contemporary with a love of worldly shapes. I have teal, yellow and mercury glass amongst dark warmth in my furniture and my walls. While I am not tired of the style in my house, I do dream of having a monochromatic scheme of beautiful whites, blacks and grays. It's like an empty canvas of style that could constantly change with pops of color. The above is inspired from my home now, I even have some of these pieces. I created a mood board when I was moving into the house and I have to say it looks pretty much like that! I do love the colors but mmm, that clean slate of black, gray and white makes me swoon. I love the pallet of The Doctor's Closet. If you know someone that has a new home, consider their style and really tap into places that reflect that. There are some big ticket items and smaller decor items that are perfect for that little extra spruce this time of the year!

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