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Friday, December 6, 2013

First Friday: Gift Guide for An Art Lover

Welcome to the First Friday gifting edition! I love getting and giving art as gifts! It may seem a little risky and nerve-racking but when you gift good art and know the person enjoys art, have no fear.

To help encourage you I have decided to share some art from a few lovely people I know and a few lovely etsy artists I am now glad I know! These little gems are all very affordable too. Works from well-known artists are always cool but I love the idea of getting a piece I love and can afford from a rising star and following their career as it grows. And who knows...maybe one day you will own something with not only sentimental value but monetary as well! (Definitely not the goal though)

You may recognize one piece from Carri Jobe at the top of our list. And number 12, comes from my ever-talented wedding photographer and friend Eden Frangipane. Eden is able to travel to some pretty amazing places and bring home works of art. The photo featured is one from her trip to Vietnam. She began her trip to Vietnam the day after her birthday and our wedding day. Fun fact.

Anyway, below are links to the artwork above. Be sure to check these artists out and buy some of their lovely work! I am digging watercolor right now and there are some great finds on Etsy like those you see above. Go explore and get your loved ones a gift that they can enjoy for years to come!

1. Carri Jobe 2. Peppered Paper 3. With Bear Hands 4. The Joy of Color 5. HRUSKAA 6. VESNAsART 7. SophieRR 8. PitterPatterNursery 9. Mapity 10. ArtistiicAbandon 11. AliciaBock 12. Eden Frangipane

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