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Friday, December 13, 2013

Boxed Subscription Gift Guide

We found some pretty fantastic box subscription gift ideas. Some are well known, some maybe not so much. There is even one for the mom of young kids in your life! I love the idea of this gift option because the recipient will continue to get gifts well after the day of celebration (should you so choose of course).

Know a foodie who loves to try new things? Chef Besh (Besh Box) has your go to gift! This is a really nice gift (aka if your budget is larger). The boxes usually include recipes, tools needed to make most recipes, special ingredients and even drinks and music to "add that something special." Sounds pretty awesome!

Love the idea of Umba. Their products are all handmade goods from the US and abroad. It also help artists earn a living wage and Umba is "dedicated to making ethical purchasing decisions." Your giftee might find home goods, accessories, stationery and/or even bath products in their box each month. You can also shop on their site and see what types of products your giftee might get.

Barkbox is the perfect answer for your own pet or for the pet lover in your family. Visit their website...they have the cutest customer photos of pets and their boxes. So cute.

Naturebox is a fun way to get healthy snacks you might not otherwise buy for yourself. It is a really affordable box (at $19.95 a month) for that someone in your life trying start a healthy New Years resolution or for your health-nut someone.

Kiwi Crate. This looks so awesome. Had this been around when I was a kid I would have been all over it. Each month a craft project for your favorite kid is delivered will all the materials needed to create. And the crafts look pretty fantastic. There are usually 2-3 activities in a box and you can even order a "sibling add on" for a "no-fight" experience. So cool.

For the Makers has a really cool gift option in their box subscription. Anyone could send me this. I wouldn't hate it. They send you materials for DIY projects and tips from expert designers to help your giftee along. They have lovely items for sale on their site so I imagine their boxes are equally awesome.

Know someone in love with nail polish? Color me monthly is your gifting answer. For a mere $7 a month your giftee will get a new polish delivered to feed their frenzy. It is a great way to branch out and try new colors you might not normally buy. So fun!

Most of us have heard of BirchBox but it must be shared again. You can customize the type items your lady or gent receives and Laurie is a believer. She isn't the only person giving this company quality feedback either. Check them out!

Have fun gifting and happy Friday!!

-Alison and Laurie

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