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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Thanksgiving Pecans & Best Turkey

We had an early Thanksgiving this year with my family and my grandmother of course never fails to deliver awesome food and a beautiful tablescape. We ate so much and she really outdid herself with fabulous flowers and decorations. We each had individually packaged sugared pecans she made at our place setting. My husband already ate all of his in one sitting and I caught him trying to dig into mine. I quickly stopped his thievery and hid them. Luckily, if he finds them, I have the recipe to make some more!
PS-I have an awesome deal for you. My dear old dad sales the absolute best seasoning for Thanksgiving turkeys. We usually grill our turkeys on a Holland Grill and use the seasoning for the bird. It is the best turkey I've ever had and all you have to do is get the turkey wet and literally coat it with this seasoning. If you call 731-645-3283 and mention the Paper Pearl blog post, you can receive $2 off of the bottle that will last you beyond this Thanksgiving. It's good on any type of meat or veggies. Trust me on this…have I ever told you wrong? Now give him a call and make some of these pecans. Your family will thank you. -Laurie

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