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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skull Art

As Halloween approaches, I feel like it is perfectly fine for me to admit that I love skulls. I think they are beautiful and earthy, each one unique of course, with its own history. Skulls have become a fashion and home accessory cool factor-whether it is as a rocker style, or a little bit of unexpected graphic pop with an otherwise chic look. Sure, skulls get more popular this time of year in skeleton form for Halloween. I have pieces of one buried in my flower bed for a graveyard affect (complete with styrofoam tombstones, yes), a black sparkly one under a cloche and would gladly add more to my decor if I had them. If you get past that creepy factor, they are just so cool. 
So, in case you are looking for a cool skull art print for your home or simply to use as a chic Halloween decoration, look no further than Warhol, Van Gogh and Cezanne. They saw the beauty in a skull as well, and totally thought they were cool. I bet if we asked Cezanne he would say most definitely!

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