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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Going into Hibernation

Do you know someone (maybe you) who just really hates the winter? The shorter hours of sunshine, the chill, usually gloomier skies…they usually do something to our moods if we don't get some sunshine in. I understand it completely, but I don't get depressed and dread winter. I love the chill and the sweaters, fires and coziness. However, I have a friend who we think has seasonal affective disorder (yes, a real thing). Oh Joy had a post about it recently and as we were in the mountains a couple of weekends ago, I got to thinking about animals that hibernate. I would love to have a hibernation week where all I do is sleep in, stay in my house and indulge in books and movies. Alas, I am not a bear. However, if I was, I would hibernate like this:

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