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Monday, October 7, 2013

Embracing East Tennessee Culture

Some of you lovelies may or may not know that I am not a native to East Tennessee. I married a native but by no means do I identify with the culture or totally know the sweet history of the land I call home.

Well, my husband is in love with this culture and was overjoyed to take me a little further into the mountains a couple of weekends ago. There is a sweet little town called Townsend just outside Smoky Mountain National Park that hosts a Heritage Festival every year. What do you find at a heritage festival one might ask? In Townsend you find bluegrass "pickin tents" for musicians from near and far to "jam" with one another. (You will see below that the hubs was much abliged to join in the fun.) There is clogging along with bluegrass music. There was a sorghum making demonstration. Crafts are always a must and please don't forget the fair food and bake sale.

Because I know you all wish you could have been with us in one of the prettiest parts of the state I took a few photos to help transport you to Townsend.



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