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Monday, October 28, 2013

40's Makeup Inspiration

Alison loves to have a wedding to be a part of on the first weekend of November. Last year, it was mine and this year it is her new sister-in-law. I remember her wanting to go for a classic, chic 40s look for my wedding. This year she wanted me to give her some ideas and inspiration for a look fit for Hollywood's golden elite.

1. Have a beautiful airbrushed foundation for that creamy alabaster affect. To do so, use a liquid foundation by applying it with a blending sponge like the Beautyblender. Then, apply a matte foundation, making sure to moisturize first so that you have a smooth finish. 
2. Contour your face before putting on blush, or rouge as the late Grace Kelly would surely say. With bronzer, contour right underneath your cheekbone, just slightly below where your blush would normally go. Use a small brush in a sweeping motion from (typically) the bottom of your earlobe out. Obviously bone structure is completely different on everyone, so you have to find that defining bone and the, define it. 
3. Using the same type of motion, from your temple to the apple of your cheek, apply a rosy blush. These 40s ladies really understood the power of a beautifully flushed face. 
4. Thicker, groomed brows were the norm on the beauties of the golden age. All you need to do is clean up stray hairs, make sure there is an obvious arch and keep it clean. 
5. Dramatic eyes were what drew the leading men into the grasp of gutsy leading ladies. Sweep on a shimmering light gold, like Blonde's Gold pigment from Mac from eyelid to brow, and right underneath your lower lids to open up the eyes more. Using a neutral brown, like Mac's Cork shadow just dabbed onto the lid. Pick a shimmery dark gray or even black like Black Tied from Mac to darken the crease of your eye. I usually start in the outside corner of my lid, sweep in and smudge into my eye crease for a smoky nude effect. I used this trio on my wedding day and still even use it on a daily basis. With Alison's skin tone, I think this would work really well on her too. 
6. Big, bold lashes are where it's at. What Hollywood beauty didn't have major lashes you bat constantly? First, use a liquid liner and create a cat eye, even if it's tiny. Just wing out slightly from where you normally end your eyeliner, then continue on the lower lash line, lining all the way to the inside of the eye. Then curl those lashes, even if they are short. Alison has some long lashes, so as long as she curls them, they will be vavavoom. My trick to curling lashes is to heat up the curler with hot water, wipe it off and immediately curl at the base of the lashes, then in the middle and then a final a little squeeze on the ends. Top off with some awesome mascara that won't move, like L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tube Technology in Blackest Black. 
7. Top it off with the cherry on top. Red red red lips. Who didn't  have red lips in Hollywood in the 40s? I know Alison has a killer Mac red she used at my wedding. I did too, which I actually paired down a bit with some other lipsticks, but wearing this red is such a glam power punch. However, if she wanted to go with something moodier but equally elegant, Fresh Moroccan looks enticing as well. 

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