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Monday, September 9, 2013

Your Gardening Update

For those of you who took my advice to plant a are you doing? How is the garden looking? 

I am here to say keep on keeping on and go you! We are already enjoying the fruits of our (mostly the hub's) labor! Radishes are the most encouraging veggies to grow. They grow fast and without much love. We are already almost done with the first batch we planted and will plant some more seeds very soon. Our carrots are coming in nicely, along with our greens, beets and turnips. For some reason, parsnips don't like us. And that is so sad.

You will notice some squash plants as well as one tomato plant...thanks to our mad composting habits we have sprouted plants and seeds without even planting them! My main man delicately and gingerly removed the tomato plant from the wire walls of our compost bin and we have enjoyed many little cherry tomatoes. The squash, that grew out of the compost after mixing it into our beds...who knows if that will make it to the point of producing. It is hard to kill something that wants to exist so badly. I'll let you know about that. 

We are hoping our brussel sprout plants produce this year as they returned without any work of our own. As did the greens...if you let your greens go to seed every year you won't even have to go to the trouble of planting more! Just give them some love and encouragement. 

The tall unruly looking plants in the middle, those are potatoes. Also one of the easiest and most plentiful things to grow. Buy a few of your favorite spuds and let them get little sprouts on them, cut into small pieces around the sprouts and plant in deep soil or in a barrel if you would like. Not long later you will have these crazy plants and potatoes growing in the soil below. It is so so awesome!! Potato soup and corn chowder weather is just around the corner and we will be prepared!


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